List of invited speakers accepted the invitation


Musahid Ahmed (LBL, USA)

Probing Combustion Chemistry with molecular beams and synchrotron radiation

Scott Anderson (University of Utah, USA)

Carbon Oxidation Kinetics by Single Nanoparticle Mass Spectrometry

Nadia Balucani (University of Perugia, Italy)

Reactions of oxygen atoms with aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons by crossed beam experiments

Alexander Boldyrev (Utah State University, USA)

Arkke Johannes Eskola (University of Helsinki, Finland)

Time-Resolved Kinetic Experiments Utilizing Photo-Ionization Mass-Spectrometers

Michael Frenklach (UC Berkeley, USA)

Modeling of Soot Oxidation

Vladimir Gubernov (Lebedev Physical Institute, Russia)

Diffusive-Thermal Instabilities of Hydrogen-Air flames.

Nils Hansen (Sandia National Laboratories, USA)

Isomer-Resolved Probing of Complex Systems of Reactions

Stephen Klippenstein (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)

High Accuracy Theoretical Chemical Kinetics as a Tool for Combustion Modeling

Alexander Konnov (Lund University, Sweden)

Data consistency of the burning velocity measurements

Oleg Korobeinichev (Institute of Chemical Kinetics and Combustion, Russia)

Physics and Chemistry of Combustion at Fame Spread over Solid Fuels

Akira Miyoshi (Hiroshima University, Japan)

Kinetics of Autoignition

Fei Qi (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)

Recent Advances of Combustion Chemistry

Struan Robertson (University of Leeds, UK)

Obtaining the Phenomenological Rate Coefficients from Direct Analysis of Experimental Data

Nikolay Smirnov (Moscow State University, Russia)

Three-dimensional simulation of combustion, detonation and deflagration to detonation transition processes in cone and wedge induced focusing.

Arthur Suits (University of Missouri, USA)

Oleg Vasyutinskiy (Ioffe Institute, Russia)

Vector Correlations in Molecular Photodissociation: Femtosecond Stereodynamics

Feng Zhang (USTC, Hefei, China)

RRKM/master equation calculations for some typical combustion reactions and the uncertainty analysis

Сhongwen Zhou (Beihang University, China)

Combustion Chemistry for Alkenes --What have we learned from butene isomers